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Design Services
Scottcrew Web Services
Web development, E-commerce solutions, web hosting and low cost design & web services.
Color Design
Color Designer
Custom design your colors with this handy online helper
Hex Code Color Chart
A basic color chart; Hexidecimal Code, RGB Code, Color Name.
Frames Tutorials
Framing the Web
Basic HTML Tutorials
Create it~101
2 Create a Website
Free, downloadable HTML Tutorial - Learn HTML

HTML Books
HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS
It uses clear, concise instructions for creating each element of a Web page, and covers everything from titles and headers to complex tables and "clickable" graphics.
Creative HTML Design
Results-oriented, project-based tutorials provide the information users need for dynamic Web page design. Detailed visual examples document each step of the process and HTML itself. The CD includes tutorials, images, helper applications, and links to useful HTML resources.
Instant HTML Programmer's Reference Html
Anyone who wants to learn about HTML will benefit from this book. The chapters give readers a basic grounding in all aspects of HTML, while the reference section features access to valuable information in a concise and easy format.