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CGI/Perl Scripts
Matt's Scripts Archive
If you got a cgi-bin, this is where to find free scripts.

Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive
Excellent scripts even a shopping cart script called Web_Store.

eCommerce CGI Scripts
The best script, in our opinion. We exclusively use this script for our websites.

Requires mySQL Database.


CGI/PERL Cookbook
Souping up a Web site has never been easier. This book/CD-ROM set offers a complete introduction to CGI, Perl, and JavaScript programming plus a collection of sophisticated CGI scripts that readers can use to add popular functions to their Web sites, including search engines, passwords, product databases, a shopping cart, custom forms, animated images, and more.

CGI for Commerce
A complete solution for selling products over the Internet, Building an Online Store provides pre-written scripts, a complete section on dealing with security on the Internet, and includes Perl scripts, SQL databases, JavaScript and VBScript code, as well as finished Web pages. The CD contains multiple shopping cart examples in Perl 4 and 5, e-mail libraries, and HTTP libraries.

Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web
For any course in Digital Graphics, Web Design, Web Scripting and Development, Multimedia, Page Layout, Office Tools, and Operating Systems. These task-based, visual reference guides feature step-by-step instructions and plenty of screen shots to guide students and teachers through the most important tasks. Visual QuickStart Guides are the ideal way to get students up and running quickly, and are used for intermediate and advanced students as a quick reference.

CGI Programming with Perl
The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is one of the most powerful methods of providing dynamic content on the Web. CGI is a generic interface for calling external programs to crunch numbers, query databases, generate customized graphics, or perform any other server-side task. CGI programs can be written in any programming language, but Perl is by far the most popular language for CGI. CGI programmers appreciate Perl's text manipulation features and its module, which gives an well-integrated object-oriented interface to practically all CGI-related tasks. Based on the best-selling CGI Programming on the World Wide Web, this edition has been completely rewritten to demonstrate current techniques available with the module and the latest versions of Perl. Topics include incorporating JavaScript for form validation, controlling browser caching, making CGI scripts secure in Perl, working with databases, creating simple search engines, maintaining state between multiple sessions, generating graphics dynamically, and improving performance of CGI scripts.