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If you're looking to start a home on the web and need a little help, you've come to the right place! We've located a lot of good resources and we're sure that you can find something you can use!

Know what you're looking for? Click on the buttons on the left navigation bar to go to the department of your choice. Or, read on down below.

Let's see, where do you start when you want to build a home on the web? Well, in real estate, if you want to build a home you first have to find the property, a place for the home. On the internet it's no different. You have to find a place to host your site.

Now, that you've found somewhere to put your page, have you got your e-mail account set up? Or maybe you want a second e-mail address for people to send different kinds of responses from your site. Kind of like a P.O. Box. Find your new email address here.

How do you go about writing code for the web page? Well, quite a few of us webmasters use some software to give us a hand.

Now, that you've gotten the software, how do you know where to put what? What about colors, how does one figure out which codes for which colors? How about frames? Oooo...I saw these things called 'mouseovers' on a page I visited the other day, how do I do that? Or , how do I even make my page look good, period? Here begin the job of the architect.
Well, we've got some helps for that, just visit our Web Page Design page.

The site is designed, how about some decorations. Jazz it up with pictures, art, a background. Find some great resources in the graphics department.

Now you want to get into interactivity on your site? You mean, you want people to enjoy them selves and be able to give you feedback? We've got the solutions. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Find out how people like your site using a guestbook. Find out how much traffic your site has received using a counter. For more interactivity, find out what's available with java and CGI or Perl.

Well, the site's built and it's time to submit it to the inspectors (just as a home is inspected by an official before an occupancy permit is given) and find out if anything has been missed. We've got a some inspectors to use on our Website Diagnostics area.

So, your site checks out with the inspectors. Now it's time to let the whole world know that you've got a site on the web, through Website Promotion. We've got some good places that will help you submit your site to the search engines.

You want more for your page and you've gotten a handle on this HTML stuff? Check out our Webmaster Goodies.

Still need more help? Try our other help resources.

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